Why Use Taggem

Why Use Taggem…

Taggem technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and test each item in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2003

  • Taggem specializes in inspection and testing and tagging by using the latest equipment available to provide you with efficient and practical services at a competitive rate. By letting us go about our business allows you peace of mind to go about your business.
  • We take time to plan the layout of your business so we can have minimal effect on your daily routine.
  • We are available at a time that suits your organization. 7 days a week.
  • We provide you with a log of all equipment that has been tested, and a report on all failed items. Advanced Record Management Systems – all Testing Records are computerized and can be used as Asset Register for electrical devices.
  • As Tagging and Testing is our core business we provide a superior level of service to our clients.
    Testing performed to Best Practice as recommended in the updated version of AS3760 – 2003 using the best electronic testing equipment available.
  • Quality service at reasonable prices.

Why You Need To Test

The obligation to test is covered by OH&S legislation in each State.

The inspection and testing of all electrical equipment in all workplaces is the responsibility of every business.

  • Fines have been incurred ranging from $1000 up to $100,000 for failing to comply with theses regulations. 
  • Lawsuits can be filed against all management levels of the business.
  • Insurance Companies can refuse to cover costs if the guidelines have not been met.

What Needs Testing

All electrical “plant & equipment” designed for connection to mains electricity by flexible supply cord needs to be tested in every workplace, business or community organisation.

“If it plugs in… test it!”   This is the basic rule and definition of Australian Standard –  

Do I Have To Comply

Business owners and persons in control of workplaces throughout Australia, have a common duty of care under health and safety laws to provide safe places of work for their employees.
This includes:

  • Maintaining electrical plant in a safe condition.
  • In order to meet the duty of care in regard to electrical plant, the risk of injury due toelectric shock must be reduced. One method of reducing this risk is to regularly inspect andtest electrical plant.