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mobile electrical testing and tagging
As both the public and employees become ever more aware and assertive in terms of legal action, the greatest of care needs to be taken in our workplaces.

The OHS regulations and WorkSafe codes of practice protect individuals against organisational negligence, and prosecution of the ‘duty holder’ in these cases is ever more likely, and expensive.

Portable appliance testing is not only a critical aspect of compliance with electrical testing standards; it is a wise commercial investment. The Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3760:2003 was introduced to clearly define the requirements of routine inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

The Australian Standard now also requires that ‘leakage’ testing is performed if the equipment has an electronic or membrane switch.

Note: Traditional insulation (Megger) testers and multimeters cannot perform these tests. Our testing equipment complies with this requirement to test beyond such a switch.